Meet    Maritza   Luz Vega

Families are the fabric of society. As a student of families for more than 17 years, Maritza now offers experiential opportunities for parents to move through blocks in loving, being present, and creating a lasting close-knit family. With eleven years of intense training and healing through her own early life and embodiment journey, Maritza has broken through her own ancestral patterns and moved on to successfully and peacefully co-parent her now college-age son. She was named a spiritual teacher in 2006 and has since chosen to focus on families – where we all learn about love and who we are.

Maritza has a highly developed inside-out perspective of the societal, ancestral, personal, and spiritual factors that contribute towards the breakdown and, thankfully, the repair of personal, family, and relationship dynamics. Utilizing her extensive trainings as needed to penetrate through difficult relationships, situations, and belief systems, Maritza facilitates alignment and re-alignment with the most loving experience, perceptions, and outcomes possible.

Maritza works with pregnant woman and couples to welcome their child in a way that fosters a more peaceful world. She also supporting parents to deepen their bond with their children through nurturing touch. Occasionally Maritza also leads spiritual and healing retreats.
Maritza is currently available to work with families on an individual, couple or family basis offering support as a spiritual counselor, energy worker and body worker. She is also in development with family bonding and family constellation workshops and is training as a womb surround facilitator with Ray Castellino. Maritza is on track to become a certified infant/family massage therapist this year.


For more information please visit: To make an appointment for a free consultation, please call (805) 633-9230.