Meet  Cass  Phelps

Cass Phelps offers workshops throughout the world and holds a private practice in Kauai, HI. His clients are men, women, and children: facilitators, students, creative artists, actors, singers, writers, directors, leaders, healers, CEOs, corporate coaches and inspired souls from all walks of life. Cass also works with clients with complex neurological disorders and immune diseases such as cancer, autism, brain damage, and paralysis. His gift of intuition allows him to assist his clients and students in their Self-awakening process. Cass is a certified Reiki master, Sound Healing therapist, and lifelong musician. He also creates movement performance works. His unique approach to sound and movement unifies the creative and healing arts as ONE. A strong sense of humor and laid-back style help to deliver the awakening transmission: All Is Within.

Cass mentored closely with Continuum Movement’s founder, Emilie Conrad from 1998 to 2005. He was an authorized Continuum teacher for 7+ years, Cass and Emilie developed work together and taught workshops together, completing in 2008. Cass brought a series of new breaths, sounds, and advanced shifts in perspective to Emilie working with Space, moving from within the Quantum Field and the weightless body. He introduced the Dark Room work (part of the Mystery School) to Emile where she was for the first time able to sleep for 16 hours straight. Something Emilie was forthcoming about was her lifelong Insomnia. Emilie received all of these offerings with great appreciation and asked Cass to teach his work to the Continuum Teachers at an annual Teachers Gathering. Eventually, Cass was faced with the very difficult decision of needing to honor his own work (so he could authorize others to teach it and share it in its own natural process) and find a way to carry forward what Emilie had so graciously shared with him personally and professionally. Cass honors Emilie Conrad and holds her in deep appreciation for her work and her influence. Since 2004, he has offered his own work while also honoring Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement, Sharon Weil, Charles Lawrence, Deborah Stucker’s direct electromagnetic approach to Rolfing, Andrew Clark’s practice of Structural Integration and Gary Renard’s work with A Course In Miracles.


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