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Sultana comes to Somatic Sanctuary after teaching yoga, Qigong, and wellness in various settings including universities in California, Georgia, Indiana, and New York. Her approach to life and work has always been about inclusion and innovation. These values are reflected in the modalities that she offers by focusing on the soma as the entry point into the mind-energy universe.

While studying Somatic Stretch® for the past five years, she realizes that the potential for this work is immeasurable. She thinks that through this approach one perceives and experiences the body in a new way as the body becomes the teacher. Herein lies the opportunity to learn and work effectively with the complex body-mind-emotions and to set free the bonds of physical tension. Judgments that arise in both body and mind are liberated.

In addition to her extensive academic background studying change processes in humans and in institutions, she continues exploring the depth and the richness of our human capacity for the greater good and greater peace.

She continues to serve as a volunteer and maintains her contemplative life of service and practice.


For more information, please contact the Sanctuary at (805) 633-9230, or, you may contact Sultana directly: phone (816) 808 9044 and e-mail:

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