Meet   Sarah  Grace

Sarah’s Offerings

Somatic Support Session

Continuum Movement Series and Retreats

Sarah Grace, Founder of Somatic Sanctuary, facilitates clients to find their way Home to themselves, allowing for greater feelings of ease, peace, and nourished vitality. Sarah has supported thousands of people struggling with physical tension, anxiety, and unresolved trauma to move through those restrictions and to truly settle into their bodies, and into their Soul Essence.

Sarah refers to this ‘Coming Home to One’s Embodied Soul Essence,’ as the path to true, integrated healing. Having over 17 years of experience in her own healing and embodiment journey, she knows firsthand what is required to support individuals to access their Soul Essence. Sarah holds a deep heart presence with her clients as they tap into their own grounded embodiment.

After years of facilitating one-on-one and group sessions around the world, Sarah’s passion today lies in creating sacred space for people to slow down, breathe and connect to their bodies in a gentle and fluid manner. She has witnessed time and time again, the empowerment this offers individuals in returning to their own Divine Nature.

Sarah founded Somatic Sanctuary as a place of refuge and retreat from our fast-paced lives, a space for people to restore their vitality and wholeness.

As a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher, Somatic Experience Practitioner, Conscious Birth Doula, and Pre- and Perinatal Attachment Facilitator, Sarah brings together a synergistic blend of somatic and trauma resolution practices to her work with women, children, and families.

Somatic Sanctuary is lovingly dedicated in honor of Sarah’s father, Emilio Luciano, and to her teacher, Emilie Conrad.