For   Moms,   Babies   &   New   Families

Whether you are planning on conceiving, expecting, or already have a newborn, your entire family benefits from additional support. This could take the form of doula services and/or customized sessions where we draw upon: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Continuum Movement Practices, and Pre and Perinatal Attachment Facilitation. We support moms and families before, during and after birth to ensure an optimal birth and bonding experience for the whole family.

This support is helpful for expecting mothers, families, and newborns who:

  • Have fear of giving birth
  • Have difficulty getting pregnant
  • Desire a conscious conception
  • Had a challenging birth (c-section, induction, vacuum, etc.)
  • Struggle with breastfeeding
  • Are feeling overwhelmed and unsupported
  • Are experiencing a babe who is crying, upset and inconsolable
  • Are adjusting to new sleep patterns, relationship dynamics, etc.

For Mothers Especially:

Decrease Your

  • Fear and anxiety
  • Recovery time post-birth
  • Chance of postpartum depression
  • Need for drug and medical interventions

While Increasing Your:

  • Chance for a natural birth
  • Emotional support so you feel more confident and trust the process
  • Body strength and flexibility in preparation for birth
  • Sense of peace as you prepare the body/mind/emotions to receive your newborn
  • Ease with latching and breastfeeding
  • Mother-baby bond

For Newborns:

  • Gently release any unresolved birth trauma and drug effects
  • Strengthen their secure attachment through healthy bonding
  • Create more ease with latching and breastfeeding
  • Enhance brain and movement development
  • Increase excitement and engagement

For Families:

Everything changes for you as a family when you bring in a newborn – whether s/he is the first born or there are others already at home. With our support, you can experience:

  • Strengthen your dynamic as a couple preparing to be a family
  • Maintain a calm, relaxed and grounded presence during pregnancy
  • Cultivate a healthy and harmonious arrival of your little one
  • Confidence with attuning to the needs of your baby and one another
  • Less upsets and insecurities
  • More ease and engagement for everyone
  • Greater bonding and enjoyment of each other

Your Next Step:

For customized support, contact us to set up a Free Consultation with one of our qualified practitioners. We’ll explore what you’re looking for and how we can best support you. Together, we will create a package that fits your needs. Click here to contact us.