Somatic   Movement   Sessions

“When we drop beneath the surface noise, stress and speed of daily life, we rest deeply inside ourselves, dwelling, gestating, receiving true inspiration as we enter the inquiry and possibilities for what it truly means to be human.”
– Sarah Grace

Movement is absolutely essential to wellness in our human bodies. Moving with the natural rhythms and pulsations within our bodies creates the greatest opportunity for the body to release areas of tension and constriction, and ultimately return to a state of balance and wholeness. The Movement Sessions offered at Somatic Sanctuary are carefully selected, and are all designed to support a return to our most radiant Embodied Soul Essence. Read the description below for our current offerings, and check back often as we grow Somatic Sanctuary and expand our menu of services.

Continuum Movement®

Pulsating streams of life ripple through our system as we enter The Mystery of what it means to awaken and live as Embodied Presence.

Continuum Movement, founded by Emilie Conrad is an exploration of the fluid Intelligence of our bodies. We use sound and subtle movement to activate fluids within the body, be it lymph, blood, fascia, nerves, organs, muscles, bones, and cells. The choreography of fluid reveals itself as wave motion, undulations, pulsations, curves, and spirals. Through deep listening, breath, and the language of sensation, we arrive into communion with the Bio-Cosmic forces nourishing, healing, and supporting us.

Somatic Stretch

All machines make a sound when they’re working well: a cat purrs, a sewing machine hums, a violin sings. The human body is both a machine and an instrument. The sounds it makes when it is working well is the “sound” of wellbeing: peace within, comfort and ease. The aim of Somatic Stretch® is to activate that sound.

To have a sense of wellbeing and energy, we need to be free from our tensions, our stiffness, our aches and pains, our inflexibility, fatigue and all other physical conditions that diminish the quality of life, so that living in our earthly bodies is a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. This is the purpose of Somatic Stretch®.

Awareness through Movement®

Dr. Feldenkrais’ Method of Awareness Through Movement will help us tap a childlike curiosity about ourselves and learn with images, patterns and connections that leads to a new way of action. This new mobility and energy can make us happier and healthier. Movement is Life! This class explores literally moving towards a more fulfilling life by deepening our awareness of self. Lessons will be appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.