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Continuum Movement

Tele-dive Series with Sarah Grace

Feb-Mar 2022: Reclaiming Love (Part 1)

Includes 8 audio files. Dissolving the conditioning of time & tension, we feel the freedom flowing within us & through us – as earthly/cosmic Beings. Undoing the stress mechanisms of fear and control, our armored holding patterns, we allow our True Essence to emerge and take flight. We give the system space to fall into the Blueprint of Health within each dive of this series.


May-June 2022: Reclaiming Love (Part 2)

Includes 8 audio files. Sarah guides us into a sound journey of spherical buoyancy; gentle reception of Soul; original Ignition; dissolving the mask; & opening into Eternal Vastness. 8 weeks of LOVE, Embodied.


Sept 2021: Becoming One (Part 1)

Includes 3 audio files and one 2 hour video. We dive deeply into the journey of Becoming One with the Mystery of Life and how that is translated into our embodiment. We explore the energetic fullness offered within each sacred practice. The 2 hour video addition is a gift of depth and love for this work.


Oct-Nov 2021: Becoming One (Part 2)

Includes 4 audio files. Anointing the body with sound, our tissues merge with the choreography of fluid: moving; breathing; Being. We open sacred portals to the earth and enter our depths.


Dec 2021: Becoming One (Part 3)

Includes 4 audio files. Tending the Blueprint of Health through sacred breath and sound, we access the Ground of our breathing bones. Resting within the Unified Body, we bathe in deep awareness and Become One with All of Life.


June 2021: Opening to Life

Includes 4 audio files. We begin this series working with our arms, heart, upper body and then anchor into our legs and lower body. Allowing ourselves to open to life so that life can open us.


Jan/Feb 2021: Returning to the One Within, Part 1

Includes 4 guided audios. Sarah guides us into entering the Potency of Being within body, heart, and soul.  Within the field of Continuum, we explore the Blueprint of Health and Wholeness in Divinity.


March 2021: Returning to the One Within, Part 2

Includes 4 audio files. We explore the Safety of Being within the Tapestry of our bodies. Breathing bones; breath; spherical wholeness; lyrical LOVE.


May 2021: Returning to the One Within, Part 3

Includes 4 audio files. Finding freedom within our fluid bodies, we deeply nourish from our connection with the core of the Universe within. Celebrating our cosmic anatomy together, we dive.


May 2020: Returning to Wholeness, Part 1

Includes four audio files and a Bonus Dive on video. In this series we are connecting to the Three Centers, merging our fluid bodies with Source, being reintroduced to the Truth of Love and encountering our Soul in our Soma.


June/July 2020: Returning to Wholeness, Part 2

Includes four audio files and a Bonus Dive on video. In this series we explore creative opposition, the blueprint of health, wholeness and Divinity, the Gnosis of Love and an integration into completion.


Sept 2020: Awakening into Oneness, Part 1

Includes four audio files. In this series we explore the Infinity Loop, self-mastery of Love, moving Love through our bodies and trusting the Mystery.


Oct 2020: Awakening into Oneness, Part 2

Includes four audio files. In this series we embark upon the Self Love Journey, experiencing the Sounds of Our Souls. We Heal, Pray and Celebrate.


Sept/Oct 2019: Returning to the Temple, Part 1

Includes five audio files beginning with an Introduction to Continuum Movement. In this series, we come into relationship with our heart, re-Sourcing into Source.


Nov/Dec 2019: Returning to the Temple, Part 2

Includes five audio files. In this series we are dissolving form, into fluid, into Light. We are welcoming each part of ourselves Home, coming Home to the Divine within; that which is bliss, that which is Love.


Feb/Mar 2020: Returning to the Temple, Part 3

Includes seven audio files, the seventh being a Bonus Audio. In this series we greet The River of Love that We are, that lives inside of Us. We let the masks on our faces melt down into the Earth, to be painted by the Mystery, by the Great Ones that see our faces as Their Beloved Children.


DO NOT MAKE LIVE Continuum Retreat

Resting into Oneness with Sarah Grace

Aug 2020: Resting into Oneness, The Lion’s Gate Portal

Includes three video files totaling over 12 hours of content. Using breath and sound, we explore our fluid bodies through subtle movement, wave motion, and the language of sensation.

Within sacred Space, together, we have the opportunity of allowing time to slow down, to shed that which needs to shed, and to come through anew, refreshed, and reborn. When we access the Innate Intelligence of the deeper Forces that sustain us, we tap into the pulsating streams of life as they ripple through our system and we enter The Mystery of what it means to embody.