Meet  Jenna  Rebecca  Francesca

I’ve been a “Body Nerd” since I can remember…I started to learn yoga when I was 8 and by age 18, I started the first yoga class in Benicia, California. I’ve always been fascinated with the human body-mind-spirit for its wonders and capacities, always seeking to understand what I was seeing that no one was talking about…

At age 22, I began working with clients as a Certified Massage Therapist and a Certified Watsu and Waterdance Aquatic Therapist. My focus and specialization has been in the field of trauma recovery, supporting clients who have had traumatic experiences both in and out of the water to live without the fear responses associated with the traumatic events.

In almost 2 decades of working with individuals, I have developed a truly unique coaching and bodywork style that allows one to integrate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of being while revealing their “true colors” and supporting the alignment of health and well being through body and soul…. an experience of being internally and externally “lined up” with oneself in a way that feels free and easeful in the body.

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