Neural Resonance Therapy®

As Neural Resonance Therapy® is more like a perspective in accelerated anatomy, it can look like any modality, and changes depending upon the techniques best suited to a given client. As a Shiatsu practitioner and teacher since the mid-nineties, my hands-on sessions most resemble this technique.

Sessions are received either Shiatsu-style with a mat on the floor, or on a massage table. Typically the mat work is done with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing, whereas on the massage table, oils are often used if the client prefers a more traditional massage approach.

Both styles approach the nervous system most directly, using either shiatsu or massage as the medium to apply pressure to specific points in a calming, grateful flow. Clients usually fall asleep and often see geometric patterns in their deeply relaxed state while communicating more directly with their subconscious mind. Aside from the obvious benefits of blood and nutrients flowing back into areas to help alleviate many aches and pains, the greater connection with the subconscious also helps us to unlock old patterns, dream more deeply and uncover powerful insights and inspiration to accelerate our state of health and creativity.

Often, after sessions, I am able to give a fairly detailed insights around pain manifestations and – where applicable – emotional states of mind that may be related to physical responses, along with stretch techniques and general lifestyle or dietary suggestions that can support each client’s specific needs.

These sessions are deeply relaxing and it is strongly encouraged to book a session when you have the rest of the day off, as the impact to the nervous system usually requires an important period of integration throughout the day.

I also offers Distance Sessions via Skype or other avenue as needed.

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