Discover the Sanctuary

Nestled in the heart of Ojai is a Sacred Sanctuary for our individual and collective healing journeys. In every way, Somatic Sanctuary has been carefully designed and built to honor Soul Essence of all beings as well as the land herself.

The Original building, which currently holds the office and treatment rooms, has been renovated and retrofitted with natural materials to ensure a pure, safe environment to support our bodies’ ability to regulate and return to a state of wholeness. Extensive remediation from toxins and proactive protection from free radicals including EMFs makes this space a unique and exceptional vortex at the center of our magical Ojai village.

There is also a newly constructed movement studio behind the main house. This building has also been designed and constructed with Sacredness and an absolute commitment to holistic healing and protection of the land as well as all beings who will utilize the space.

Somatic Sanctuary, facilitates clients to find their way Home to themselves, allowing for greater feelings of ease, peace, and nourished vitality. Sarah has supported thousands of people struggling with physical tension, anxiety, and unresolved trauma to move through those restrictions and to truly settle into their bodies, and into their Soul Essence.

Visit for yourself to experience the full nurturance of Somatic Sanctuary.