Meet   Shanna   Faye

Shanna Faye is a licensed ND, Classical Homoeopath and has been practicing for over 20 years. She is certified as Health Coach with IN, NY, coach for The Work® of Byron Katie, WATSU® practitioner. She is a raw food enthusiast and a certified Raw Food Chef Instructor, LLI. Another passion of hers is the NLMM® and Intimacy + Attraction Workshop®,by Michaela Boehm.

Shanna channels a personal healing frequency LoveLight + Sound Healing for trauma release. Her book “The Healing Power in Finding Your Innocence”, Balboa Press (pen name: Aimée Wilde), is available on

Shanna inspires and supports spiritually and health-conscious individuals all over the world to come home to their inner peace and balance, and to experience profound healing. Inviting them to make deep reaching, lasting transformative changes in simple and easy to implement steps. Shanna is based in California, USA.

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