Meet   Rene  Norman

Current Offerings:
Myofascial Release

I am a bodyworker who began as an artist.

My passion as an artist over many decades continues, yet I was often nudged by a feeling there was something else I was meant to do with my hands, all the while, tending to the persistent injuries I had sustained thru years as a dancer. It was Myofascial Release which brought my body SO much relief; I knew immediately I had to learn this technique, so I could bring its’ transformational healing benefits to others.

Myofascial Release is a gentle modality of bodywork that facilitates the unwinding and letting go of holding patterns in the body that cause restriction and pain. This technique is a gentle approach that can go deep without having to use force. The fascia, (which is the connective tissue that surrounds every organ, muscle, tendon, and bone in our bodies) gets restricted and tight from driving, texting, holding children, working, including physical injury and emotional trauma.

This process enables the body to slow down, give the mind a break, and focus on the places within your own body that are calling for attention so that the energy can flow, once again, thus restoring balance and well being.


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